When it comes to grocery shopping in your local store today, many people are used to the high prices, low quality service, and overwhelming number of brands available. Stoltzfus Family Market helps men and women find a path to bigger savings and better service. 

We know how hard it is to find good prices in the market today and have helped hundreds of men and women find a better way. And when you find that way, your grocery bills drop, your savings skyrocket, and you walk away feeling much better about your shopping experience. 

Stoltzfus Family Market was founded by Dathan & Wilma Stoltzfus who moved to Perry from Lancaster County Pennsylvania over 20 years ago. The Amish in Lancaster County own discount stores like this offering low priced groceries to the people of their community. Loving the benefits they received from shopping at those little Amish stores, and wanting a way to offer this to their own community, Dathan & Wilma opened up Stoltzfus Family Market in January of 2013. Since then, they have helped many people from around the community and neighboring areas save big on their groceries and enjoy the warm, family-friendly atmosphere of Stoltzfus Family Market.

In coming to Stoltzfus Family Market, you will 1. Be shocked at the incredible prices offered on quality groceries on the market. 2. Enjoy the warm, inviting, friendly atmosphere where customers are always first priority and three generations of the family work to stock the shelves, checkout your groceries, and work to serve you in the best way possible. 3. Be less overwhelmed by the array of brands available today, but impressed with the large variety of needed grocery items packed into our store.

We need more stores with enriching atmospheres, better prices, and a less overwhelming selection of brands. If we keep "going where we've always gone", we'll miss what we can save if we be intentional and go to the right place. Shop at Stoltzfus Family Market today. Why? Because you won't save this big and enjoy the small, friendly, family-owned feel unless you come, fill your cart, see your total, and experience it for yourself. Go from feeling like another number another one of those irrational money-wasters, to buying all you want while feeling valued and thrifty.